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You looknice, Thad said, knowing it was a tremendous understatement but trying to keep them on safe ground. Macy lookedwell, stunning, and sexy as hell. But if he told her that, he might just as well pull her into his arms.

Stepping back so his hands wouldnt betray him, Thad motioned for her to come on inside the room.

Wheres the minister? she asked, hanging back.

The girl out front said its a woman. She should be here soon.

Macy nodded, sighed, then wrung her hands.

He smiled and handed her the bouquet hed bought her. Youre acting nervous.

Her chin came up, but when she answered, her voice was a little higher than normal. Im not nervous. Why would I be nervous?

Why dont you tell me?

She tugged at her lip with her teeth and moved closer to him, then looked over his shoulder and lowered her voice. Ive just been wondering isif youre going to kiss me. I mean, I think it might embarrass me if you let the minister know you dont want to. But, she swallowed, I understand why you dontwant to.

Thad watched her in amazement. She didnt know how appealing she was? That if he were any other man

This is just a business deal and all that, she was saying. You dont really like me, I mean in that way, but it wouldnt have to be a big kiss. Just a peck, so the minister doesnt know. Tears started to well in her eyes, but she blinked furiously and managed to hold them back. I didnt think any of this would bother me, but now that I have this dress on and Im holding this bouquet, I feel kind of like a real bride, you know?

I was going to kiss you, he said.

Her cheeks went pink and she nodded.Okay.

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