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Debra Dixon

Genre: Bantam Loveswept, Series

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Bad To The Bone

Have you ever noticed that within the darkest soul there is the greatest need for love?

Detective Sullivan Kincaid is no hero. He's BAD TO THE BONE. Sully fought me every step of the way, but I found my hero. And he found the woman who could love him forever.

The grandmotherly psychic placed one tarot card in the center of the others and set the deck aside. Looking Sullivan Kincaid in the eye, she asked, "Have you considered the possibility that Madame Evangeline doesn't exist on the physical plane?"

Sully's lips twitched, and he had to contemplate the toe of his cowboy boots. "Can't say that I have. She did use the telephone to contact us."

"Perhaps she called from the spirit world. I could try and reach her."

"I don't think that'll be necessary just yet, but I appreciate the offer and your time." Sully got up to leave. He'd had all the new age babble he could take for one day. Even when they looked normal they were living in an alternate universe. At least this one hadn't warned him in hushed dramatic tones about his dark "aura." Now that was a psychic news flash.

"You never did say what this Madame Evangeline wanted, Detective."

"She thinks someone might be in danger. We're just trying to check it out, but she didn't leave her phone number." He pulled a business card out of his wallet. "If you remember anything, give me a call." Lillian took the card. As he turned away, she whispered, "It won't help."

"Excuse me?" Sully wheeled back around.

"Running from the past that consumes you."

Raising a skeptical brow, he asked, "Is the the part where you talk about my dark aura?"

Lillian shook her head with a tolerant smile. "Georgia sees auras, not me."

"Oh? And what do you see?"

"The occasional angel." She paused a half-beat as if debating with herself. Then she added, "Yours is weeping."

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