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Ive just finished reading the page proofs of THE BAD LUCK WEDDING CAKE and I realize that Im a little nervous about seeing the book published. Now, its not the story that bothers me. I love it, and I think that readers will too. It was enjoyable to go back and spend some time with McBride Menaces from THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS and create a love story for their beloved Uncle Tye.

I think that Tye and Claire are special characters, perhaps the best hero and heroine Ive written to date. Also, I believe that Ive been successful in writing a book that will make the reader smile a lot, laugh out loud once or twice and sigh with satisfaction when they reach the end.

So why am I apprehensive? Because this is the one book that I dont want my husband Steve to read.

Some of you immediately will think of the love scenes when I say this, but thats not it. Steve dealt with this issue when shortly after my first book was published, he walked into a party and everyone called out, Seven times! and started clapping. No, its not the love scenes that will bother my husbandits the stove.

As a rule, writers put a lot of themselves into their stories, and I am no exception. Until THE BAD LUCK WEDDING CAKE, I never truly realized how much of my essence was reflected in my novels. I include the love, the laughter and the strong sense of familygiving my stories heart.

My heroine, Claire Donovan faces the same battle in THE BAD LUCK WEDDING CAKE that women have been fighting for ages. She loves her father and brothers and she knows that they truly love her; but she doesnt understand why they think they must run the world and, in turn, her life. And she can not comprehend why the women in their lives let them get away with it. Her mother didnt even protest when her father replaced the stovewithout bothering to ask!

Claire possesses the mind-set of a 90s woman, born a century too early. She would pitch a fit if her husband bought an appliance for her, without consulting her before making the purchase.

Upon reflection, I probably shouldnt have been so detailed by writing this factual tiff into the story. Of course, I might be worried over nothing. Steve will probably read THE BAD LUCK WEDDING CAKE and, as always, identify with the heroin this case, Tye McBrideand not notice anything else.

Tye is sexy, strong and even sensitive, in an alpha-male sort of way. He loves the McBride Blessings (the term he prefers over Menaces) to distraction. And he loves Claire, despite her independent attitude and stubbornness.

Now that I think about it, Steve will likely gloss right over the point I made about a woman and her kitchen appliances. After all, he is a man, and men havent changed that much throughout the ages. No matter how wonderful they are, often times they simply dont get it. But we love them anyway.

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