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The Bad Luck Wedding Dress

In the 19th century, Texas was described as an Elysium of rogues, a valley of rascals, and an Eldorado of modern hope. Isn't that a great setting for a book?

I love the lore and legend of Texas, and I draw my scoundrels, rogues, heroes and champions from the pages of history books. Usually. With THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS, it happened a bit differently.

I always wanted to set a story in my hometown of Fort Worth. I grew up listening to tales of trail drivers and buffalo hunters, soiled doves and tinhorn gamblers. Hell's Half Acre was more than a mythical Red Light District, it was a few blocks from the library!

I put off writing my Fort Worth book because I couldn't find the right angle. Considering Fort Worth's history, a cattle-drive or save-the-ranch tale was a natural. But I wanted something fresh and unique.

I found my tale during a Saturday family outing to the Stockyards district. We visited the museum, and while my husband and sons gravitated to the gun room, my seven-year-old daughter made a beeline for the clothing display and a delicate, white satin gown. Utilizing her newly developed and not always accurate reading skills, she said, "Mom! It's The Bad Luck Wedding Dress."

My hometown story was born that instant. Jenny and Trace sprang to life in my mind, and when my son knocked over a postcard display while reaching for a souvenir, Trace's daughters tapped me on the shoulder and shouted "hello."

THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS is about laughter and family life. It's about betrayal, superstition, danger, and most of all, love.

I invite you to visit Fort Worth in 1879 with Trace and Jenny and the McBride Menaces as your guides. I hope they'll touch your hearts.

Send an SASE to Box 37126, Fort Worth, TX 76117.

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