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My new book, THE BAD LUCK WEDDING NIGHT, is garnering more curiosity among readers than most. It seems that people want to know if Im writing from personal experiencemy husband is beginning to take offense.

To set the matter straight, I thought Id relay the real story behind the title. After finishing my workshop at a writers conference, I retreated to the lobby for a break. Sinking into a sofa, I kicked off my shoes and bemoaned my decision to wear heels. As I rubbed my poor, mistreated feet, a trio of women joined me, and we proceeded to whine about fashionable footwear. The conversation eventually turned to writing, and the women admitted they enjoyed my work.

Immediately, my feet felt better. Funny how that works. One of my new friends asked if Id be writing spin-offs of my Britain-based Sizzle All Day and Simmer All Night. Another said she was dying to read more about the McBride menaces in my Bad Luck Series. The third lady suggested I combine the two series and bring the McBride family to Britain. We all liked that idea, and my imagination took flight.

We continued our conversation over lunch at the hotel restaurant. While waiting for our meal, we debated possible Bad Luck themes. The women tossed out ideasThe Bad Luck Wedding Ring, The Bad Luck Wedding Veil, etc. Then, from the booth behind us, I heard a dry male voice suggest, How about The Bad Luck Wedding Night?

It was perfect.

Later, I stopped beside my benefactors table and thanked him for his flash of genius. He smiled ruefully and nodded. I could tell from his expression he had a story to tell, but by then, so did I.

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