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I, Susan Kay Law, used to teach sophomore biology. (I know, I know. As confessions go, its not all that shocking or scintillating, but stay with me here.)

Think of ita classroom full of hormone-zapped, 15-year-old boys, most of whom considered it their sacred duty to see if they could embarrass me. Add to the fact that I was quite obviously pregnant during part of that time, which gave them visible proof that here was an adult who (unlike their parents, sof course) had actually had sex sometime within the previous nine months.

Needless to say, I got some extremely, um, creative questions. It was a point of pride that they couldnt make me blush. And it was surprisingly good training for being a romance writer.

For one thing, after that experience the idea of someone I know reading a love scene Ive written doesnt cause even a twinge of embarrassment. (Although I allow an exception for my beloved grandmother. Ive never yet ripped out pages of a book before I give her a copy, but Ive been tempted.) For another, Ive finally gotten to use some of those classroom experiences in my new novel, THE BAD MANS BRIDE.

Anthea is one of three sisters who must find new lives for themselves when their privileged world falls apart. Never one to do anything by half-measures, Antheas charged halfway across the country and taken a job as a small-town schoolteacher. Thankfully unlike me, she is woefully unprepared for some of the stunts the imaginative students attempt. And matters only get worse when she becomes involved with the last man she can afford to: the towns most notorious black sheep, whos returned home for reasons of his own.

THE BAD MAN'S BRIDE is the first in the Marrying Miss Bright trilogy. The next book follows the youngest Bright sister, Emily. Its currently titled THE LONERS BRIDE; look for it in late spring or early summer of 2002, assuming I finish it on time, which Im off to do right now!

Please stop by my website at to read chapter one and check out my contest. (Free books! Is there anything better?) Id love to hear from you!

Excerpt from THE BAD MAN'S BRIDE

Damn, Gabriel said. That wasnt supposed to happen.

Antheas lovely daze shattered immediately. Her back snapped straight, her expression pinched with disapproval. No, it most certainly never should have happened, she said stiffly. I cant imagine but that
it wasnt one of the worst mistakes that you ever

He couldnt help but smile, and gave her a little shake in lieu of kissing her to shut her up, which was what he really longed to do.

Not damn, I didnt want to kiss you, he told her. But damn, you werent supposed to be good at it, and I was supposed to get it out of my system once and for all.

Although, Im certain it would have been far better if I hadnt been caught unprepared. It took me a moment to Halfway through her justifications, his words finally sunk in. What did you say?

I said you might have just ruined me for all other women.

She blinked up at him, for once completely at a loss for an appropriate response. Oh.

He tipped her chin up with his knuckle, touched the corner of her mouth with his thumb, and wished it could be more. Oh? Just oh? he teased.

And I thought you surprised me when you kissed me, she said. But what you just said topped it. And then she peeked up at him through her lush eyelashes, a flirtatious look that he would have sworn she didnt possess.

If that was what you can do when youre caught unawares, I hate to think what youd be like when you give it your full attention. Did the last man who experienced it live?

Her smile was delighted. And completely delightful. Depends upon your definition of living.

He yanked back his hands because he knew, if he left them on her any longer, theyd not be content with innocuous areas such as chin and arms.

Not that you could call him content, anyway. But the fact that she kissed with a courtesans skill and a brides eagerness only made it all the worse. It did not change the fact that she was emphatically not a temporary kind of woman and he was a very temporary kind of man.

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