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Good Suspense from Eileen Dreyer of BAD MEDICINE

I had better explain myself. Anybody who reads about ten pages of my new thriller Bad Medicine might be struck by a sense of deja vu. The evil truth is, I cheated-intentionally.

Bad Medicine began as another hospital thriller, in which once again, I got to live out certain long-standing fantasies-this time I kill off all of the lawyers. (Yes, thank you, it felt wonderful!) I had a strong, sensible nurse in the guise of one Molly Burke, who finds herself taking on the additional role of death investigator since she is the only person interested in discovering the reason that lawyers are suddenly turning up dead. I gave her a foil of a hero (who will be played by Dennis Quaid when someone finally has the sense to make a movie out of this), a lawyer named Frank Patterson who successfully sues her for millions then ironically ends up being the only person she can turn to for help.

You get the idea. Just your average Eileen Dreyer twisted run through the hospital halls. But I felt my new thriller was still missing something crucial.

That's when I "cheated" by re-using the research I had done for my last book, the fall '94 Silhouette Intimate Moments release A Soldier's Heart, written under my pseudonym, Kathleen Korbel. The heroine of A Soldier's Heart, Claire Henderson, is a Vietnam vet, as is Molly Burke, the heroine of Bad Medicine. After investigating the experience of female veterans of Vietnam in the category romance A Soldier's Heart, I used that research to bring the first female Nam vet to mainstream in Bad Medicine.

Now, don't worry, even with this unexpected blend of plots, Bad Medicine still has the trademark black humor (including the infamous duck story). It still has bad guys. But it also has a heroine who reflects, I think, the best of her generation. And I owe it all to my romance fans who encouraged me after reading Claire Henderson's story in A Soldier's Heart.

You can contact Eileen at: P.O. Box 8614, St. Louis, Missouri 63126. Please include an SASE for reply.

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