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Roxanne St. Claire

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Jumping genres isn’t easy for a writer, nor is it always a favorite move with our fans. Readers come to expect a certain “type” of book from authors, and when someone they’ve read and liked in the past tries something new, that change is often met with trepidation. So, I didn’t make the decision to take a break from romantic suspense and write contemporary romances easily, believe me. I thought long and hard about whether or not I should feed my always hungry muse by writing a new kind of book. I worried that this move would upset my readers who have come to expect surprise villains, plot twists, and at least a few dead bodies along the way.

What I discovered in writing the launch book for the Barefoot Bay series -- and what I hope will resonate with my readers -- is that no matter how hard I try, I’m still the same writer. My voice, pace, characterization, and style isn’t going to change even though the stories, setting, and genre does. No one dies in Barefoot In The Sand, but the story opens up with a hurricane that most certainly could be deadly, and enough hearts are broken that we can count a few emotional deaths.  There are no surprise villains, but I promise plenty of unexpected twists among the women friends who form the core of the series, and the many characters that pepper each book. Since it’s set in a small town (on an island, actually) I promise there’s no shortage of bad people, though they may not be criminals or psychopaths. Who doesn’t have a nosy neighbor or rabble-rousing member of the homeowners association lurking in their backyard? 

And, of course, no matter what “classification” gets put on the spine, my stories will have romance at their heart and soul. In Barefoot In The Sand, I had the chance to explore a romantic combination I haven’t tackled in thirty books: the slightly older woman and a sexy younger man. Ah, the cougar about a fantasy! I had a blast with my reluctant single mom heroine and the persistent and blistering hot young architect who quotes Casablanca, captures his fantasies in a sketchbook, and sweeps a woman right off her bare feet to carry her into the warm waters of true love. 

I’m glad a fed my muse a change of diet! I absolutely loved writing Barefoot In The Sand. I hope the readers who’ve enjoyed the thrilling adventures and cliffhanger suspense novels I’ve written will follow me over the causeway to Mimosa Key. On this fictional island off the west coast of Florida, I promise you’ll find plenty of drama and danger, tears and heartache, and a whole new cast of characters who will want to make you kick off your shoes and fall in love.  

- Roxanne St. Claire

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