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Susan Andersen

Book Title: BE MY BABY
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

As usual, I've put something off for too long, and now I have
fifteen minutes to tell you all about BE MY BABY...and this from the
Queen of rewrites, a woman who can barely write her own name without
needing to fiddle with it, flesh it out and make it sing.

I was
going to be professional about this, I swear. Picture me in a
business suit, elucidating in rounded vowels. But my fifteen minutes
are ticking away, and too many of you have met me to buy it anyway.
So what the heck - the real me is more comfortable in jeans and says
stuff like "gonna" more often than not. But, hey, I clean up pretty
good, and I can even speak properly on occasion. Mostly, though, I
just write.

Have a peek at BE MY BABY.

He was a little
sweaty; she could see it in the sheen along his throat and where his
shirt stuck in spots to his chest and stomach muscles. But the hand
he shook hers with was dry and brown-skinned, long fingered and
hard. And it was warm, very warm. Juliet dropped it as soon as was
decently possible, feeling flustered and edgy. Curling fingers that
retained the sensation of his touch within the shielding folds in
her skirt, she felt heat climb up her cheeks. The men in her world
had hands that were smooth and pale and somehow cool. A frisson of
uneasiness crept down her spine.

"Beauregard will be at your
service as long as you're in New Awleans," Captain Pfeffer said
pompously and gave the detective a glare. "Right, Dupree?"

stepped much too close and cocked his head quizzically. "Is there a
particular reason you need babysittin', dawlin'?"

Unaccustomed to
physical contact, she stepped back. Though she was too mannerly to
protest the endearment, her chin came up and she'd opened her mouth
to offer a cool reply when Pfeffer jumped into the breech.

Lowell is down heah to open the Garden Crown, a fine new jewel in
the glitterin' tiara that comprises the Crown Hotels," he said

"And she's - what? - had the heap burgled already and
needs a cop?" Beau's eyes were insolent as he looked down at her.
"In that case, sugar, you've come to the best."

"Watch your
tongue, Dupree. Ms. Lowell has received a threatening letter and I'm
assigning you to keep her safe."

Breaths were sucked in
throughout the room and everyone drew back as if Beau were a ticking
bomb primed to go off.

Write to me c/o Avon, 1350 Sixth Ave.,
New York, NY 10019.

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