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Kasey Michaels

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Kasey Michaels

Kasey Michaels is springing into the spotlight with a new romantic comedy, BE MY BABY TONIGHT, out this month, and her first mystery (and first hardcover!), MAGGIE NEEDS AN ALIBI, in July.

In BE MY BABY TONIGHT, Suzanna Trent jets off to Las Vegas to marry All-Star Phillies catcher Tim Trehan, the high school crush she couldn't forget—hands-down the most spontaneous thing she's ever done. Just three short months later, however, reality has set in…and the romance is kaput. Yet what should have been a clean break with a quickie divorce soon gets messier.

Kittens—the illegitimate offspring of their two cats, and babies—the legitimate one Suzanna's carrying—have complicated things. Before long, Suzanna's entered a whole new world of cravings and expanding waistlines—even as Tim realizes he's never found her more attractive. But for her baby's sake, Suzanna doesn't intend to strike out in love again. If Tim's serious about recapturing her heart, he'd better be prepared to bat a thousand…

Maggie Kelly, heroine of MAGGIE NEEDS AN ALIBI, is nothing if not resilient. She bounced back after getting fired from her old job as a writer of historical romances, reinventing herself as a mystery author. Then she sees her fantasy man—Alexandre Drake, Viscount Saint Just, the character who's made her a bestselling author—come to life. He couldn't be real—but somehow there he is, standing in the middle of Maggie's apartment, eating that piece of fried chicken she was saving for lunch. And when a couple of her colleagues meet very untimely deaths, what's a girl to do besides get an alibi? Tune in next month to hear all about it!

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