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Beauty Vs. the Beast

Some of my favorite characters have been attorneys involved in courtroom battles where they beat all the odds and uphold the true spirit of the law.

Such are the lawyers in Justice Inc., my new romantic suspense courtroom series. Each story highlights one of the attorneys at this small, prestigious Seattle law firm as they take on the cases that are tomorrow's headlines.

In Beauty Vs. The Beast, an August release, Attorney Kay Kellogg thought she had seen it all until her psychologist client brings her a case that's destined to set a new precedent.

Psychologist Damian Steele has been treating a dual-personality patient, LeRoy Nye, and has successfully "killed" Roy, the nasty half of his personality. But now Roy's wife is filing a multi-million-dollar wrongful death suit against Damian, claiming he "murdered" her husband.

The case causes an immediate sensation and ultimately the jury is faced with redefining life itself.

Kay knows that in order to win she'll need her client's full cooperation. But Damian refuses to give her all the facts. What is he hiding and why?

While Damian seeks to protect Kay from physical danger, he also knows he must keep his emotional distance; for his deadly secrets stalk the mind as well as the heart.

Here's a preview of the next two books in the series:

Baby Vs. The Bar, an October '95 release, features Remy Westbrook, a self-sufficient woman who went to a sperm bank because she wanted a baby in her life-not a man. The sperm bank later insists her baby is the heir to a billion dollar fortune!

In Heart Vs. Humbug, a December '95 release, Brett Merlin, the magician of corporate law, finds himself up against Octavia Osborne, a mistress of legal abracadabra who's determined to stop Brett's Scrooge of a client by pulling out more counter-suits than Santa does presents out of his sleigh.

For an autographed sticker send an SASE to: P.O. Box 284, Seabeck, WA 98380.

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