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Saber, Earl of Avenall, and Ella Rossmara fell in love five years before the story opens. Fortune thwarted them then and again when they next met. This time desire will not be foiled...even by treachery.

Sophisticated and a decorated hero, Saber tops many a marriage-hunting mama's list. One marries for rank, not love, for wealth, not friendship. Pleasure is so much more easily attained with a fortune at one's disposal, and every desirable door in polite society delighted to open at one's whim.

Then there is an added bonus: Saber is so deliciously mysterious, so notoriously skilled in the sensual arts.

The hunting mamas, like their greedy daughters, don't know about Saber's hidden demons. And they don't know that if he considered himself whole, he would already have claimed the only woman he will ever love.

Beloved opens with Saber under siege by Ella. She will not meekly accept his snubs. She doesn't know he is ashamed of his earlier treatment of her, and appalled by the possibility of terrifying her with the dark side of the man he has become.

Exotic, desirable, lovely Ella, the adopted daughter of Viscount Hunsingore and his wife, is disappointed, desperate and now resolute.

Illegitimate child of a charlatan, occasional prostitute mother, at 15 Ella faced a room filled with men bent on possessing her. When little more than a beautiful virgin child, she was offered for sale in a brothel auction.

Viscount Hunsingore rescued her. She met Saber for the first time-and fell innocently and irrevocably in love.

Eight years Ella's senior, Saber was enchanted. He would count the days until she was old enough to marry.

Lucky Ella...until Saber learned she wasn't related to the viscount and that she had been found in a brothel. The young man promised friendship, but retreated.

Now Ella is 20 and Saber 28. Ella has shunned a Season. She has no interest in finding a husband if he is not the Earl of Avenall; and she fears London where she may be remembered by someone as the virgin in red veils. She could not bear the shame. But neither can she bear loving Saber and not taking a final risk that will prove whether he will ever love her in return.

Saber is in London. The time has come for the most tempestuous intrigue ever to shiver before the jaded eyes of London's "beautiful people." The time has come for Beloved!

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