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Stella Cameron

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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The Best Revenge

The southern states captivate me. My first visit to Georgia, about ten years ago, left me with a longing to set a story there. THE BEST REVENGE is that story, and it was ten years in the making.

A town called Glory. Seething passions, avarice, lust and treachery. Old money, old pride, old lies. A heritage built on daring, savvy and luck. Generations dedicated to the greater prosperity of the Calhouns, Glory's most prominent family. Greater prosperity, and a tighter and tighter grasp on respect, either earned or demanded.

THE BEST REVENGE struts a sultry, dangerous path from the sumptuous, deceptively serene opulence of Sweet Bay, the Calhouns' estate, through their prosperous real estate empire-to the truth.

The Calhouns are living a personal and professional lie. Scandal would explode the myth-shatter their carefully constructed and protected public image-and that can't be allowed to happen.

A powerful man pits himself against a threat that could destroy his family's business, and ruin their name. He expects to win this, the biggest battle of his life. After all, his opponent is one woman on very shaky legal ground. No contest.

But she's a woman who clawed at life from nothing, and who will not easily give up that life, for a Calhoun or any other man. There will be a war, the biggest war Dallas Calhoun and Rae Maddy have ever confronted.

Scuttling a conspiracy to bleed the Calhoun empire would be challenge enough for Dallas. But there is Rae. Not only does she refuse to tell him what he's sure she knows, and then get lost, but he's actually impressed by her. She's got guts. He likes that. And she isn't afraid of him. He's excited by her chin-in-the-air challenge of his authority. Rambunctious Biff Calhoun's only son, Dallas, is a southern, iron-inside-the-velvet gentleman. The eligible ladies of Glory-and a number of ladies who aren't eligible-would willingly gallop to do his bidding. A sassy female who should be terrified of him, but who flaunts herself under his nose and challenges his every move, is an intoxicating enigma, and a fascinating opponent.

Dallas isn't sure when the drive to get rid of Rae Maddy becomes the drive to get her into his bed, but it happens fast, and it's a complication that could bring him down. However, he's an expert at controlling emotions, even hormone-driven emotions. Too bad there are other, unfamiliar emotions in play that may not react quite so readily to reason.

Discovery of her part in a plot she knew nothing about shakes Rae. It appears that she played an active role in helping syphon funds from Calhoun Properties. Most women would run while they could. Not Rae. The threat of exposure as a conspirator against the Calhouns, and the criminal prosecution that would follow, sparks her drive to survive, and her fury at the injustice of it all. Dallas Calhoun exudes confidence, and the sure air of a man convinced he's entitled to prevail. Rae has truth on her side. Surely she'll beat Dallas-if she doesn't give in to the temptation to join him.

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