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Ever wished for a man who rippled with muscles, had a gorgeous, chiseled face, was hung like a stallion and had intelligence to boot? Add to his physical perfection morals, honor, courage, commitment and a delicious sense of humor. Do you still want him?

Sigh. Don't we all?

Not Adrienne de Simone, who vows never to trust another beautiful man as long as she lives. Unfortunately for Adrienne, a wicked fairy overhears her pledge and decides that she is the perfect woman to use in a game of vengeance against the legendary Lord Hawk Douglas.

Whisked back in time to sixteenth century Scotland, Adrienne is coerced into a marriage with the most beautiful man she has ever encountered.

Strong, intelligent and determined not to trust him, Adrienne presents an irresistible challenge to the man who has never heard the word "no" from a woman in his entire life.

"Why did you do that?" she gasped, when she was able to speak.

Hawk placed a finger beneath her chin and tilted her head back, forcing her to meet his gaze. "I will tear from you anything Adam gives you. Remember that. If I find his body draped over yours, he will suffer the same fate."


"Because I want you."

"You don?t even know me!"

His mouth curved in a beautiful smile. "Oh, sweet lass, I know everything about you. I know you're a complex woman, full of dualities; you're innocent, yet tough; intelligent"--he cocked a
teasing brow--"but lacking a smidge of common sense."

"I am not!" Adrienne scowled her protest.

He laughed huskily. "You have a wonderful sense of humor, and you laugh often, but sometimes you're melancholy." He crowded her with his body and gazed down at her with heavy, hooded eyes.

He cupped her face firmly with both hands. "You're a willful woman, and I?d like to be the focus of such a willful woman's desire. I'd like to have you yield your trust and loyalty to me as steadfastly as you withhold it. I'm a mature man, Adrienne. I will be patient while I woo you--but woo you, I will."

Take it from me--she doesn't stand a chance!

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