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Joss Ware

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Joss Ware

Why She Wanted to Destroy Earth for Her New Series

I've read many thrillers and seen a lot of movies where the safety of the world and the entire human race
are at stake due to a group of mad, power-hungry villains. Until the good guys (or gals) save the world at the very last, breathless moment.
But what if, I thought one day, what if one time the villains did succeed in their plan to annihilate the planet and rule the world? What would the world be like? Who would survive?

And how the hell would they ever find
true love amid zombies and the apocalypse?

That was the seed that germinated, eventually blossoming into my new series. In a genre where vampires and shapeshifters run rampant, the books take a different approach to the dark paranormal, starting with a bleak, overgrown world.

My post-apocalyptic romance series is set
50 years after cataclysmic events destroy the majority of the human race and the bulk of our infrastructure -- not to mention the makeup of the earth itself. I'm talking continental shift, weather and climate change, a new land mass in the Pacific Ocean. And, of course, overgrown ruins of cities, freeways and every other aspect of 21st-century America.

Half a century later, the few survivors have begun to repopulate themselves into a third
generation. All that's left of today's world are overgrown buildings, except in small settlements where people have gathered and tried to rebuild society. The largest community, Envy, is in the remnants of what was once a large, vibrant North American city.

Immortal beings who wear
crystals keep the surviving humans weak and repressed in their communities by employing frightening creatures that walk the night, searching for someone named Ruu-uth. Some might even call them zombies, and everyone quickly learns to stay inside at night.

So where's the romance, you ask?
Upon this scene come five men from the past. They've been unconscious in a cave, and when these soon-to-be heroes finally emerge, they find that 50 years have passed and there's nothing left of their world.

Everything is gone.
Now they have to figure out how to live
in this new world and how to control and
use the new superhuman ability that they've somehow acquired during their 50-year sleep.

And, of course, they'll find the remarkable women who will help them make a home in
this strange new world.

It's not often that an author has the pleasure of seeing a world she imagined actually come to life. Imagine my delight when my husband and
I recently drove by an old building in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that completely epitomized the world I imagined. I made my husband stop so I could get out and take picture after picture of what had once been a copper stamping mill ... and what is now an overgrown remnant of days gone by.

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