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The Black Sheep

Ever since I read my first Nancy Drew at seven, I have been fascinated by female private investigators. It was inevitable I would eventually want to write about one of these smart, tough, independent women.

Creating P.I. Andie Field was a lot of fun. The tough part was to create a hero strong, courageous and fascinating enough to be her mate. When my editor told me that my "black sheep" Nick Heagerty had been chosen as a "Rebels and Rogues," I knew he was the perfect match for Andie!

Andie is on a mission to deliver her best friend's newly orphaned daughter to her Uncle Nick, who runs a winery in New York's Finger Lakes. Andie's plan is to stay until she's sure that nine-year-old Sarah is happy with her new family, a seemingly simple job...but from the moment they step off the train in Syracuse, everything that could go wrong does. First someone tries to kidnap Sarah. Andie foils the attempt, but then learns that Sarah's uncle, the sexy-as-sin and enigmatic Nick Heagerty, has no intention of making a home for his niece.

Nick and Andie are instantly at odds. He's convinced that he's an unfit guardian. Why would anyone give him responsibility for the life of a little girl when he caused the death of another child 20 years ago? But Andie is determined to show Nick that he's the perfect man for the job. In doing this, she gets caught up in Nick's past. Worse, she falls for the charismatic rebel.

Manhunting in Manhattan, my next book, has an anthropologist versed in the aboriginal mating habits who tries to use her skills to find an urban husband.

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