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Jude Deveraux

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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It seems as though the title of Jude Deverauxs latest paperback release is quite apropos. THE BLESSING, a story about a single mothers utter devotion to her six-month-old son Max, is reminiscent of Judes own life with 19-month-old son Sam, who was conceived after eight miscarriages.

Hes the same age now that Max was at the end of THE BLESSING. Sam did everything in real life that Max did in the book.

Max is another of Judes wonderfully detailed child characterizations. I do enjoy writing children. At this point in my life, theyre more vivid to me than writing
a hero!

Yet surely readers will enjoy getting to know Blessings hero, millionaire Jason Wilding. When he promises his brother David that hell help him woo Amy Thompkins, the girl of his dreams, Jasons not sure what hes getting himself into. However, David doesnt tell him the plan is for his brother to move in with the rather naive and overly protective Amy and play babysitter, so David can have some time alone with her. Then Jase finds out his brother told Amy that he is nursing a broken heart from a nasty breakupwith his boyfriend. Needless to say, some delightfully humorous scenes unfold as Jason attempts to keep up with the charade to help David while simultaneously trying to reign in the irrepressible Max.

Like Jason, Judes time is filled these days with keeping up with a rambunctious pre-toddler (Hes unbelievable. When hes awake hes always going, going, going.). To add to the commotion, shes in the midst of packing up all her worldly possessions and relocating from a Queen Anne-style home in Cambridgeshire, England to a small guest house in Connecticut!

The accommodations are just temporary, however, while Judes brand-new colonial-style home in Fairfield County is completed. It feels really good to come home to the U.S. again. I asked my editors, if you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
They all said the same thingFairfield!

Jude purchased an older home and has had it completely gutted and renovated from top to bottom. Ive been picking out tiles for the kitchen and colors for everything! Everything has to have a color. I even had to pick out what colors the gutters would be! Its making me a
little crazy!

The new homes yard is 2 acres, a switch from her 11-acre plot in England, but Jude says she doesnt have a green thumb anyway. I dont enjoy gardening, but I dont mind directing gardeners, she laughs.

One thing she does enjoy, however, is research. Her unbelievable reference books collection could fill a house all by itself! For the past seven and a half years, I had my 6,000-plus research books in storage. One of the reasons I bought this place is because it has a room over the garage with 29-foot walls, where I can put my bookshelves up and finally have a real office.

Currently, in between choosing fabrics for the draperies and carpet swatches for her study, Jude is doing some hands-on research in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the setting for her next novel, an as-yet-untitled contemporary murder mystery. Though a mystery may sound like a departure from Judes usual romantic, emotional love
stories, readers need not worry. In the
tradition of her classics A Knight in Shining Armor and Sweet Liar, the new novel promises plenty of romantic tension and the mystery is an intriguing background for the tempestuous relationship between the main characters. Most importantly the new novel features a different kind of homecoming for Judedrumroll, pleasea new Montgomery hero!

Readers who follow the historical and contemporary adventures of the intertwining Montgomery and Taggert clans will be thrilled to welcome the newest addition to the family, Ace Montgomery. A tough-but-tender male, Ace is a cousin to Michael Taggert, the hero of Sweet Liar, and his brother Kane (hero of the short story Matchmakers in The Invitation). And just like cousin Mike, Ace finds himself embroiled in a mysterious death when he gets involved with a womana spunky heroine named Fiona. Pressured into going on a business fishing trip against her will, Fiona is less than pleased. But when she wakes up in the middle of the night and finds her dead boss lying on top of her, shes horrified. With Aces help, Fiona must figure out who killed her boss and if shes the
next target.

Jude hopes to have the novel completed before her new house is finished, for possible release later this year. In the meantime, Jude will be working on yet another project, a time-travel novel that has been several years in the making and taken masses of research. How big are those office walls again?

Fans can write to Jude Deveraux in care of Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

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