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Lady Claire Aylesbury is brave, beautiful, and blind. When her beloved brother, Edward, mysteriously disappears in the revolution-torn American colonies, she has no choice but to set out alone to find him. Desperate to escape a limited future in a loveless marriage, she turns to a complete stranger to guide her into the unknown.

Captain Rutger Grayson has turned his back on the world, haunted by his past and the cruel twists of fate. After years of living in self-imposed exile aboard his prized ship the RavenSong, he is irresistibly drawn towards Claire and vows to protect her against unseen dangers and the pain of betrayal. Even as Rutger realizes that he will never be able to retreat from the truth, they both learn that love is the only true sanctuary.

In BLIND APHRODITE, these two characters form an innovative duo in the familiar setting of a historical romance. Even as the plot is filled with villains and obstacles, the ultimate battles the lovers must face are within, and victory is achieved when they both can see past their own limitations.

My grandmother lost her sight a few years ago, and I wrote this book as a tribute to her quiet courage. I watch in amazement as the pace and rhythm of her life remains the same. She is the epitome of grace under fire, and inspired me to create a spirited and passionate heroine who would refuse to be defined by a disability.

The character of Rutger gives voice to a different kind of hero as well. As a foil to Claire, he struggles to overcome his own fears by embracing the separation that his injuries have inflicted. Where she impulsively moves forward, he instinctively retreatsthe perfect premise for a romance.

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