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Christiane Heggan

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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They call Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love and nowhere is that slogan more true than in South Philly where Kelly Robolo, the heroine of my new book, BLIND FAITH, grew up.

Kelly is a Philly girl through and through. First of all shes Italian, and if you know anything about South Philly Italians, you know that theyre painfully outspoken, quick to lend a hand, and a little crazy. When the book begins, we learn that Kellyan investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Globeis recuperating from a gunshot wound sustained four weeks earlier as she was uncovering a major racketeering scam. Now her best friends husband, an Atlantic City casino exec, is missing, and Kelly suspects foul play. She needs help. More specifically she needs Detective Nick McBride whose father had worked for the same casino and died last year under mysterious circumstances. Problem is, Kelly is not one of Nicks favorite people right now. He blames her for the death of his best friend, an undercover cop who had been about to crack that racketeering ring wide open the night Kelly was shot.

Knowing this, Kelly swallows her pride and asks for his help anyway.

What was she thinking?

If you want to know how that initial meeting turned out, Ive included a sneak preview.

Hope you enjoy BLIND FAITH. Be sure to visit my website: for a preview of the books first chapter and to check out my new gourmet recipe. For an autographed bookmark, send
me an SASE to PO Box 251, Medford, NY 08055.

Excerpt from BLIND FAITH

Hello, Nick.

Startled, Nick looked up then gave a short nod. Kelly.

The chilly greeting didnt seem to faze her, or if it did, she didnt show it. She came to stand in front of him, so close he could smell that perfume she wore all the time. Magie Noire. Black magic. Once he had wondered what it would feel like to fall under the spell of Kelly Robolo.
She looked at him without flinching. I need your help, Nick.

Then youve come to the wrong guy. He started to turn around, but she stopped him by touching his arm. Almost immediately she pulled her hand back.

Victorias husband is missing.

The sentence, spoken in one fast breath, took him aback. He waited a moment, absorbing the news. Although he had never met Jonathan Bowman, he knew he was a vice president at Chenonceau where Nicks late father had worked as chief of security.

Perhaps encouraged by his silence, she handed him a piece of paper. Here, she said. Detective Quinns phone number. Hell explain everything.

Nick shook his head. I cant help you.

She stiffened. Cant or wont?

He shrugged, aware that his questions had misled her into believing he would help. He hadnt meant to play games with her but he had been interested. Take your pick. Either way the answer is no. What else did she expect him to say? Because of her, his best friend was dead, leaving behind a grieving widow and two fatherless little girls.

She held his gaze for a moment, then, with the candor she was known for, she asked, Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to come here today? How many times I talked myself out of it, only to change my mind again?

Honesty on her part demanded the same from him. I do know, Kelly. It doesnt change anything.

She stood there for several seconds, her expression unreadable. She was good at thatkeeping her emotions under control. Most Italians he knew blew their corks at the slightest provocation. Not Robolo.

After a while, she gave a short nod, as if she had finally accepted his decision, then, her back rigid as a board, she walked away.

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