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Patricia Lewin

Book Title: BLIND RUN
Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Though Patricia Lewin's BLIND RUN (Ballantine) is being touted as a debut novel, romance readers familiar with the books of Patricia Keelyn and Pat Van Wie know the work of Patricia Lewin.

But BLIND RUN marks a new direction—and a new pseudonym—for Van Wie, the author of eight previous novels in the last nine years. Her first thriller—and first hardcover book—is about former government agent Ethan Decker, whose undercover job cost his son's life three years ago. Now estranged from his unsuspecting wife for her own safety, Ethan is living in the New Mexico desert. That's when a former colleague, presumed dead in the same mission that killed his son, shows up with two children
she entrusts to his care. Shocked and wracked with guilt, Ethan finds his dangerous past threatening to catch up with him.

Van Wie's own past is of a more serene nature. Always an avid reader, the Florida native began writing in high school. She never considered a writing career, so in college Van Wie studied computer science, which she parlayed into a 12-year job with IBM. But about seven years into her IBM stint, a trip to a writer's conference in Orlando changed her life and she began writing again.

"Before the conference I had no experience with other writers, either published or unpublished," says Van Wie. "I read constantly but didn't know anyone else who had this strange obsession with creating their own stories. The I discovered I wasn't alone."

It took five more years before she sold her first book, Keeping Katie, to Harlequin. By the time the book came out in April 1994, Van Wie was writing full time. She's written five books for Harlequin as Patricia Keelyn and three for Bantam Loveswept as Pat Van Wie. "When I made the switch to mainstream thrillers, my agent and editor both agreed I should take yet another name, since the books would be so different from my earlier work," she says. "Lewin is my husband's name, and it's the first time that I'm using it.
He's thrilled." Van Wie has a daughter and lives outside Boston.

BLIND RUN, she says, is the marriage of both styles, and Van Wie is now writing her next Ballantine suspense. "It's about a female CIA officer who uncovers an international ring of powerful men dealing in stolen children," she says. Whether a series character will evolve from her work remains to be seen. "I'd love to write a sequel to BLIND RUN, plus the main character in my next book is really starting to intrigue me."

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