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Eileen Wilks

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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The original title for Blood Challenge was Cry Challenge. I saw this as the first of three books—Cry Challenge, Cry Havoc, and Cry War—a trilogy within the larger World of the Lupi series that would take Lily and Rule into new and treacherous waters. The terms themselves are meaningful in my lupi world. Lupi can and do cry challenge when they intend to prove their point on the body of an enemy. “Cry havoc,” of course, is from that marvelous quotation: “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.” As for “cry war” . . . well, lupi see war differently than we do. Once they cry war, there can be no truce, no armistice, until their enemy is killed or utterly subordinated. Or until the lupi themselves are dead. Every one of them...
That’s why they’ve been at war with a certain Old One for over three thousand years. She might have been forced to retreat from our realm, but she’s immortal. And she has not given up.
Every one of those titles got shot down. There was some thought that readers, browsing quickly, might see “cry” and think about weeping . . . not the association I was going for. But the ideas behind the titles remain. In Blood Challenge, Lily Yu and Rule Turner are newly engaged and dealing with the same problem many of us do, trying to balance work, family, and other duties. Their balancing act is complicated by Humans First, a hate group founded by Robert Friar. Friar and his fellow haters consider the marriage of a lupus (a.k.a. a werewolf, though lupi dislike that term) to a human an abomination.
But Friar isn’t just a bigot with the time and money to promote his agenda. He’s got an ally no one knows about. A powerful ally. He’s got a plan, too. There’s just one problem. For his plan to work, Lily Yu has to die. So, too, do the lupi. Every one of them.
Oh, and for those who’ve been following the series and asking about Rule’s brother Benedict (you know who you are)—yes, this book does reveal a lot about Benedict . . . and a certain Arjenie Fox he meets in the oddest way.

- Eileen Wilks

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