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Cat Adams, Cathy Clamp

Book Title: BLOOD SONG
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

I am delighted that I get to write this article — but probably not for the reason you think. While my co-author and I love interacting with readers and talking about books, there’s inevitably one question that comes up that we (and nearly every other author we know) dread.

Which question?

The question: Where do you get your ideas?

A lot of authors fear this inquiry because it's nearly unanswerable.

For me, nearly all of my ideas come to me out of nowhere, mow me down, and mug me. They practically drag me by force to the computer and refuse to leave me alone until I've captured their essence on the page. My co-author Cathy, on the other hand, gets inspiration from everywhere. A passing comment, a person on the street, articles in the newspaper or people she knows — any or all can serve as book fodder.

That’s fine. But, really, there are some things you simply shouldn't discuss. It is unkind for example, to put out publicly that the goodnight kiss on the first date with your new boyfriend made you think of soul-sucking zombies. And it is disturbing (and unwise) to announce that your murder mystery may be the result of an ongoing revenge fantasy you had involving the wicked hag of a boss from a previous job.  Even if it's true. Especially if it's true.

Fortunately, this once I can talk about our inspiration for Blood Song honestly and with no fear of reprisals.

It started simply enough. I was a guest at FenCon, a Sci Fi/Fantasy convention in Texas. I'd gone into the dealer's room looking for a gift for someone and I saw a picture. This picture:

One look and I had to have it. Because the instant I saw that image I knew. Knew who she was, what she was, how she got those fangs and how she felt about it. I knew about her job, where she lived, what kind of car she drove. (A convertible, in California. And wasn't that just a pain in the butt?) The flash of inspiration was immediate and overwhelming.

I bought the picture, and showed it to Cathy. When she saw it she felt exactly the same way. All through the first draft of Blood Song that framed photo sat on the desk next to my computer. Celia whispered her story in my ear until her world seemed almost as real as our own. 

When it came time to turn in the manuscript, we sent our editor a copy of the photo just for her She loved it. So did any number of others at the publisher. In fact they suggested that we might be able to have the artist do the cover of the book. One thing led to another, and voila:

Meet Celia Graves — formerly a normal, vanilla mortal in a paranormal world who was attacked and nearly murdered. But she’ll get past the fangs and find the monster who hunted her. She’s tough and resilient and yes ... she still drives her convertible through the streets of California.

At night.

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