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Getting Wicked with the Blood Series
“Jane Austen meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer—with hot sex” was the idea behind the Blood series when I started with Blood Red. I wanted to give an erotic twist to a vampire story and decided to give twin heroes to my heroine. One hero is the autocratic, gorgeous earl and the second is his younger brother, a sensual bad boy. Now, I’m thrilled to see the release of the fourth book, Blood Wicked.
The first three books are menage stories (a woman and two men), something new and adventurous for me to write. Creating the relationship between two heroes proved to be challenging and a lot of fun. In Blood Red, my heroes were twin brothers, so there is no sensual interaction between them, but they both fall in love with the heroine. One has the title, wealth, and power, and the other doesn’t…which made for great conflict. Writing a menage story meant developing four relationships: the heroine and each hero, the relationship of the heroes, and the one between all three characters. In Blood Rose, the two heroes are Jonathon, the scientific earl, and sexy vampire slayer Drake Swift. Blood Deep features the villains from the first two books—vampires Lukos and Zayan, and the story answers the question: Can the darkest vampires be redeemed by love?
Blood Wicked has one hero and one heroine. Why did I make the change for this book? I wanted to write a more traditional erotic romance for the series. The hero Heath had the perfect sexy conflict: he is a vampire who is cursed to turn into a vicious, destructive demon if he makes love to the same woman twice. I decided to focus Blood Wicked on his romance with his heroine.
Creating conflict for a story is always a challenge. But I used a workshop tip from New York Times bestselling author Madeline Hunter to make it easier. Madeline’s key to creating strong conflict is to ask two questions: What does the hero want and how does the heroine stand in the way? And vice versa. So if Heath’s goal was to NOT make love to my heroine, Vivienne, I knew her goal must involve sleeping with him, and not just once! Vivienne’s conflict quickly came to life: she is a former courtesan who needs special medicine for her ill daughter. The price to obtain it is to seduce Heath.
The heroines in the series have been non-traditional Regency women. Althea in Blood Red is the daughter of a vampire slayer and hunts the undead. Serena in Blood Rose learns she may be half vampire. Miranda in Blood Deep has the power to resurrect the dead. In Blood Wicked, Vivienne is a sexually experienced heroine who discovers she is a succubus.
I hope readers enjoy Blood Wicked, and thank you to those who have picked up the series.

- Sharon Page

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