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Virginia Lanier

Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Making a long-awaited return this month with the sixth and final installment of her Edgar-nominated amateur sleuth series, Virginia Lanier proves she's just as tough as her steel magnolia, search-and-rescue tracker Jo Beth Sidden. For the past several years, Lanier's battled medical problems, including back surgery, that kept her from her writing desk. "I have received so many heartwarming and wonderful letters from readers asking about Jo Beth Sidden and her crew and what's happening next," she recalls, "and I'm delighted to be bringing her back in A BLOODHOUND TO DIE FOR."

Readers return to the alligator-, mosquito- and criminal-infested swamp of Okefenokee, GA, where Sidden and her pack of bloodhounds keep their kennel and training center. One can hardly believe that Lanier didn't grow up with bloodhounds or take to tracking herself; her portrayals of both emit a scent of realism. In fact, when sketching her first novel, Death in Bloodhound Red, Lanier, also a local of Okefenokee, only had her tough-as-nails protagonist in mind. She found the rest on the road. "I was eating breakfast at Hardees in Jasper, FL. I gazed out the window and saw a huge, handsome bloodhound sitting in the back of a red pickup truck. I ran out, introduced myself and instantly fell in love. I don't know the big guy's name, but
I bless the day I met him."

Lanier's "big guy" became Bobby Lee, Sidden's favorite
bloodhound, who's threatened in A BLOODHOUND TO DIE FOR
by backwoods swamp local and escaped convict (sorta) Jimmy Joe, should Sidden accept the warden's request to track him.

A BLOODHOUND TO DIE FOR also brings to conclusion Sidden's on-again, off-again relationship with sexy sheriff Hank Cribbs. And fans, take note: Lanier has a whole new series waiting in the wings, with characters as memorable as her brassy, smart-mouthed tracker. G

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