Message From The Author

Jill Shalvis

Book Title: BLUE FLAME
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Reader,

I’m a romance novel ho. I know, I shouldn’t talk about myself that way, but the truth is, I love to read romance as much as I love to write it. I’m particular though. My favorite hero is the everyday kinda guy. A guy who doesn’t really think of himself as Iron Man or Superman. But this guy, he comes through. Always. For me, this translates to people like soldiers, cops … firefighters.

A firefighter is an everyday guy who literally puts his life on the line for others. 

That’s sexy as hell. And so it was natural for me to write firefighters. I’ve done that a lot over the years. Blue Flame is an older book being reissued, about a city firefighter who gets injured on the job and is forced to take a leave. He goes to the ranch he inherited from his father in Arizona, the ranch he’s avoided for a good long time. It was fun for me to write about a guy who’s spent his life rescuing others, and finds himself in need of a rescue. 

I hope you enjoy Blue Flame. Please come by my Facebook page and my daily blog for more, for giveaways, for pics of my heroes, for fun. Would love to have you.

- Jill Shalvis


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