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Blue Waltz


I was never meant for the cold. I was raised on sunshine and bone-drying heat. Give me 110 degree and I'm fine. Give me -10 degree and well...

As a result, my life changed drastically the winter of 1993-94. I suspect it was bound to happen, a born-and-raised Texan moving to Boston the year of their worst winter in history-a Texan from the deserts of Texas, no less, delivered into nearly ten feet of icy cold, seemingly never melting snow.

Blue Waltz is the result of my snowbound odyssey. It is a story that I hope will make you laugh as well as cry, a story about a woman named Belle Braxton who is nearly destroyed by the only man who has the power to save her.

They were dancing again. She could feel it. At night the music came through the wall, warming her like a lover. Swaying in cadence with the waltz, she pictured the dancers who danced in the town house next door...arms entwined, warm breaths caressing cheeks...until she allowed herself to dance-carefully, slowly. Practicing. Always practicing.

Waiting for a partner who never arrived...

Proper Bostonians are talking about the wealthy Widow Braxton. They say she wears gowns of decades past...she invites servants to parties...they say she is mad. Stephen St. James has heard rumors about his new neighbor. Yet no gossip prepares him to meet the widow behind the wall. For she is no wizened old woman-but an exquisite young beauty.

The moment he glimpses Belle, Stephen is transfixed by her haunted blue eyes. No matter that Belle is a temptress one moment, an innocent the next, Stephen is entranced by her loveliness-and her outrageousness. But before he can make her his own, he must free the secret that binds her heart...

Long after I completed Blue Waltz, Belle and Stephen are still in my heart. And I know that just as I will never forget my one and only New England winter, I will never forget the story that became more real to me than ice-glazed windows and snow-tunneled streets.

I love to hear from readers. Look for Emerald Rain and Crimson Lace to follow. Write to me at: P.O. Box 43002, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.


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