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Suzanne Brockmann

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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If suspense is lightning from a clear, blue skyterrifyingly unpredictablethen romantic adventure is a force five hurricane coming straight at you, clear as that big red blob on the Weather Channel, no less lethal. If suspense is a stealth bomber, adventure is the alien ship in Independence Day big as the apocalypse and impossible to ignore. If suspense is a deadly chasm nestled deep in a dark cave, romantic adventure is an avalanche, and theres nowhere to run.

Suspense is Silence of the Lambs. Whos the killer? Wheres he hiding? Whos he after now? Adventure is Star Wars. The killer is the Empire, and theyre right there in their Death Star, intending to wipe out the rebels.

I admit it. I watched Silence of the Lambs with my hands over my eyes, peeking out between my fingers. Kept the light on in the hall at night for a week afterwards. Still get spooked when Im home alone. Will never eat liver again, never mind ride an elevator with Anthony Hopkins.

And yes, as a 17-year-old, I saw Star Wars 28 times. With my eyes open and sitting tall in my seat. Cheered every time the rebels triumphed. Still have Han Solos picture on my office wall. Cant wait to ride in an elevator with Harrison Ford.

It makes sense Id write romantic adventure rather than romantic
suspense, doesnt it?

Dont misunderstand. There are still plenty of suspenseful, burning questions to be answered in a romantic adventure. Suspense is a vital part of every book, be it a nail-biting whodunit or a Regency romp.

But in romantic adventure, theres just not a whole lot of mystery surrounding the main external conflict of the plot. The big question to be answered isnt, Whodunit? but rather, Here comes the dangerwhat the heck are these characters going to do now?

Heres the premise of my most recent romantic adventure, BODYGUARD: Alessandra Lamont is the soon-to-be-ex-trophy-wife of a man with mob ties. When he turns up dead, the
victim of an execution-style hit, things cant seem to get much worse, but they do. Alessandras given 48 hours to find the million dollars her husband stole from mob boss Michael Trottaor Trottas attack dog will tear her into unrecognizable pieces. Meanwhile, burned-out FBI agent Harry ODell
is sniffing around her house, getting too close for comfort.

I wont be giving too much away if I go on to say that Alessandra finds the money and returns it without Harrys help. She thinks her problems solved, but Trotta puts a
million-dollar price on her head.

He wants her dead even though shes done what hes asked. Trottas that force five hurricane. The mystery is not, Who wants to kill her? She knows one of his hit men will track her down and put a bullet in her head. What keeps the reader turning pages is that other question: What the heck is Alessandra going to do now?!

Did someone say romance? BODYGUARD is a romantic adventure, after all. Along with being the story of a very frightened woman running from the mob, BODYGUARD is the story of two emotionally injured people who attempt to deal with both danger from the mob and danger from getting too close to one another. Alessandra is a woman who wants desperately to live, but is targeted for death. And Harrys turned his back on life, forsaking
all for revenge on the mobsters who killed his son.

With Harrys help, Alessandra tries to outrun Hurricane Trotta. But unexpected forces slow them down and they are swept up in a vicious storm no one should expect to survive.

If suspense is the haunted house at an amusement park, adventure is the roller coaster.

So pick up BODYGUARD, and strap on your seat belt!

BODYGUARD was a Top Pick in RT #189. Suzanne also writes the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series for Silhouette. THE UNSUNG HERO, her next mainstream book, is due this summer from Ivy. E-mail or send a SASE to P.O. Box 5092, Wayland, MA 01778.

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