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Fiona Lowe

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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I’m so excited to be here chatting about Boomerang Bride. This book was born out of three separate ideas. It all started on a stopped ski-lift with me surrounded by snow when an image of a bride holding a wedding cake and staring into a shop window, pinged into my brain. I had no clue who she was or why she was in my head, but she wouldn’t go away and I started asking, "Why are you standing there?"

A few weeks later, I had the car to myself and therefore the radio to myself, and I heard Bridal Train by The Waifs. Could the story of this song be why my bride was in small town USA with a cake and no groom? No, because my bride is a modern bride not a 1945 bride. I tried to set it aside, but it too wouldn’t leave.

Then I was at a dinner where the conversation turned toward "the dumb things" we’ve all done in our life. For most part, I’ve been sensible and made wise and measured decisions, but I can recall a couple of instances when I made some really dumb ones and they still make me blush. I think if we’re really honest we can all remember things we’ve done that have put us in "the danger zone." Sometimes it’s a split second decision, sometimes our thought processes are derailed by grief or stress. Fortunately for me, my dumb decisions and poor choices haven’t landed me up on the front page of the newspaper, in court or worse. 

For Matilda Geoffrey, the Boomerang Bride, it was family folklore that put her in the "dumb thing danger zone." She grew up in outback Australia, raised on the great love story of her grandmother and the oft retelling of her journey as a World War Two war-bride, crossing the Pacific to marry her Yankee GI. Usually sensible, but in a moment of grief, Matilda left Australia for love and marriage, only to find that love over the internet is a big-time con and she’s giving up the dream for good. Now she’s stuck in a wedding dress in small town Hobin, Wisconsin, at Thanksgiving, without a cent to her name, and not even a jar of Vegemite to keep her warm. 

Twelve years ago, Marc Olsen, New York City architect escaped his needy family and he only ever comes back to Hobin for a quick visit at Thanksgiving. But this year his sister is seriously ill and needs him to stay and care for her and her moody teenage son, pulling him right back into the heart of a family and a town he wants to avoid. The first thing he sees as he pulls into town is a bride holding a wedding cake and standing on a deserted main street.

Both Marc and Matilda are trapped in Hobin. Can he use this crazy boomerang bride to be the caregiver his family needs and keep them at arm’s length, and can she use him to survive in a country without leaf tea and where no one understands a word she says? But most challenging of all, can they both keep their hands off each other, their hearts intact and both remain dependent-free?

I had so much fun writing this story and revisiting the wonderful years I spent living in Wisconsin and I hope you enjoy it too. For more information on Boomerang Bride, to hear the music and see the pictures which inspired the story, and to learn about my other novels, please visit my website.

Happy reading!

- Fiona Lowe

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Boomerang Bride

Submitted by Nas on September 10, 2011 - 6:56am.

Hi Fiona,

 I loved this story. It is so close to reality as this (meeting a person online and trusting) happens all the time now. But your Mathilda was a very strong heroine, who turned around and made a good life for herself.



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