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Haywood Smith

Genre: Historical Romance

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Lots of readers love the drama and danger of our pioneer days, but I discovered that the American Wild West had nothing on the borderlands of Scotland during the time of Shakespeare. Desperate outlaws, cattle rustling, horse trading, feuding landowners, kidnappings, ransoms, and this heath aint big enough for both of us showdowns were commonplace in the marches (border counties) of Scotland and England during those wild and woolly days. Who could resist such a dangerous, exciting setting?

I certainly couldnt resist.

So I set my new book, BORDER LORD, right in the thick of things. When Scottish outlaw Duncan Maxwell discovers a half-dead Englishwoman washed ashore on his land, he has no idea the feisty spinster will soon turn his home upside down and win the hearts of his seven motherless children and his own. And Catherine Armstrong never imagines the infamous Black Bastard of the Western March holds the key to her long-surrendered dreams. But just when she begins to hope for happiness, a dark connecting thread from the past threatens to destroy them bothand the family Catherine has come to love as much as her unwilling captor.

As always with my historicals, I like to include fascinating real-life characters from history. In BORDER LORD, I introduce legendary outlaw Walter (Auld Wat) Scott, an ancestor of that most famous romance writer, Sir Walter Scott.

Wat and his beautiful wife Mary provide some of the most interesting situations for Catherine and Duncans story. So I invite you to pick up a copy of Border Lord and enjoy a heartwarming tale of adventure, redemption, and true love, set in the Wild, Wild West of Scotland.

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