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Caris Roane

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Writing is an interesting profession because it involves the strange workings of the spirit, the mind and those things that lie deep within an author. The book that addressed this concept, and that subsequently had the strongest influence on my writing, was Christopher Vogler’s, The Writer's Journey.

In his book, Vogler explains how human beings respond to storytelling, and have through the ages, whether the stories come through the oral tradition or through the written word. The ‘why of it’, always intrigued me. One of the conclusions I’ve drawn is that the stories we love the most reach us on the deepest possible level, and even offer clues on how we can improve our own journeys through this thing we call life.

To that end, when I begin developing a book and images come to me, I ask: What journey does this mean for the character I’m seeing? 

In my current Men in Chains series, the very first image that arrived fully-formed in my mind was of three male vampires, deep inside a cave, bound in chains. The image was amazingly powerful to me and since it came unbidden, I had to ask the next questions. Who are these men, these vampires? How did they get there? Why are they being tortured?  And perhaps most importantly, Who are the women who must come to release them?

The first novel of the trilogy, Born in Chains, tell us that the men are half-brothers and that their evil father, who has tortured them since childhood, has bound them in order to take over their secret, cave-based vampire world. When the women come, each bears a binding chain that gives her power over her man, at least for a season. But who is really in charge as each story unfolds?

Men in Chains is a thematically rich series, and delves into the issues of bondage and what freedom really is. Can the individual ever be free when love and commitment is involved? Are relationships a form of bondage? And yes, I explore these themes through the intense sexual experiences each couple forges, making use of chains and powerful preternatural restraints as a pleasurable, and at times, transformative component.

Born in Chains follows Adrien and Lily as together they search for a potentially race-destroying weapon with the villain right on their heels the entire way. 

To learn more about the series and to read the entire first chapter of Born in Chains, click here.


Caris Roane

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