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Julie Ann Walker

Book Title: BORN WILD
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Oh, how we ladies love our tortured heroes. Think of the aloof Mr. Darcy of the incomparable Jane's Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Emily Bronte's elusive Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, or her sister Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece, Jane Eyre, and its agonizing and agonized hero Mr. Rochester. Young, old, thin, muscular...throw in a some emotional turmoil, a haunted past, a wounded soul and we're hooked. Hooked with a capital H. 

And maybe it's the mother, the nursemaid, the angel in all of us that makes us want to heal, comfort and console. Or maybe it's simply that we're all gluttons for punishment when confronted with the challenge of enigmatic bad boys. *wink* But the truth is, when it comes to great fiction - and great romance in particular - we're drawn to characters that have suffered simply because it makes their salvation that much sweeter. 

In my Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series, all the heroes are tortured, either physically, emotionally, or both. And Billy "Wild Bill" Reichert, the luscious, poetry-slinging ex-SEAL turned covert government contractor in my latest release, Born Wild, is no different. He's drawn to beautiful, shy Eve Edens like the river is drawn to the sea. Indubitably. Invariably. But wounded pride and a troubled past keep him from opening his heart to our intrepid heroine... again. Because while he might be big and tough, able to rig a bomb blindfolded or take out a terrorist faction with nothing but a Glock 19 and KaBar Knife, when it comes to Eve, he has a soft spot a mile wide and fathoms deep. And he protects this soft spot with all he's got. Still, the hurt is there in his warm, brown eyes, visible in the sawing of his wide, stubbled jaw and evident in the clench of his callused hands whenever Eve walks into the room.    

In a word: tortured. Wild Bill is tortured. *shiver*

While writing Born Wild, I thought long and hard about Emily Bronte's Heathcliff. About the hurt he suffered at Catherine's hands and the way he chose to handle that hurt. I decided to take Heathcliff's actions and turn them on their heads. Instead of cruelty, my hero would show compassion. Instead of remaining aloof, my hero would be sympathetic. And all of this...kindness - for lack of a better description - just makes Wild Bill's reticence to give Eve a second chance that much more... angsty. (Is that even a word? Well, it should be.)   

So do me a favor, run out and pick up a copy of Born Wild. Then tell me if you think a kind tortured hero isn't just as sexy - or sexier - than a cruel one.

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