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Hope Tarr

Genre: Harlequin Blaze, Series

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Harlequin's Historical Blaze

They've found success with their brand of sassy, ultra-sexy series romance. Now Harlequin Blaze will be blazing a new trail next month -- straight into the historical world with July's Bound to Please by Hope Tarr.

Not surprisingly, Harlequin Blaze Editor Brenda Chin thinks the book is fantastic. "The perfect blend of historical and Blaze. For Blaze readers, the story delivers a strong heroine, a sensual hook and, of course, a very high level of sensuality. And I'm hoping historical readers will enjoy the historical accuracy."

Currently Harlequin has four historical Blaze books scheduled to run from 2008 to '09. "All have been written by USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors known for their historical romances," says Chin. "In February '09, we have a book by Jade Lee set in 1850s China, in which the heroine is actually one of the emperor's concubines. In July '09, I'm thrilled that Betina Krahn is joining the Blaze lineup with a book set in Victorian England. And then Jacquie D'Alessandro will finish up the year with a Regency historical in October '09, featuring her favorite secondary character from one of her Avon historicals."

So what prompted the back-in-time interest? "When Blaze went to six books in July 2006," Chin explains, "we knew that we were going to have to offer our readers a variety of storylines if we wanted them to pick up all six books. And in the past few years, we've really stretched the boundaries of the line. We've done time travel, gothics, adventure, a fair bit of paranormal, suspense and even Chinese erotica. We've also introduced various ways of getting these stories across -- from full books, to three-in-one seasonal collections, to our latest innovation, Blaze Encounters." In these, four or five linked stories, all by the same author, appear in one collection.

"I grew up reading historical romance novels, and they're still my favorite. So, when we were looking at ways to innovate in the line, I didn't have to dig very deep to think of adding historicals, particularly since other erotic fiction publishers are already doing it," Chin continues. "However, it's a big breakthrough for Harlequin, and I'm thrilled it's happening in Blaze."

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