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I’m pleased to be here to tell you about the inspiration behind my newest release, The Boyfriend of the Month Club. First, a little bit about the book. It’s a romantic comedy about a woman who turns her dysfunctional book club into a boyfriend club where women come together to discuss the men they’ve dated, comparing them to classic literary heroes and villains.
The idea for the book came to me one night while I was attending a friend’s book club meeting. The meeting started out the way most book clubs do- a little socialization, a little wine, a little discussion on the book- and then the meeting morphed into something very different. As the evening progressed the topic of conversation changed from the book to husbands, kids, work, and family life- the things most women talk to their friends about. That’s when it occurred to me that book clubs are very much like other social groups in that it’s a wonderful excuse for women to get together and talk about the things that are important to them.
Once that idea stuck in my head, my vision of Grace (the protagonist in my book) and her single friends grew into full fleshed characters. It only made sense that if married women talk about their husbands and kids, then single women would talk about the men they’ve dated. And voila! The Boyfriend of the Month Club was born. I wrote up the synopsis, sent it to my agent (who loved the concept) who then in turn sent it to my editor. Luckily, my editor loved it too and I began writing the book. Soon after that, the sale was announced in Publishers Weekly. It immediately started getting a lot of film attention and while this made me really happy, it also put more pressure on me. The idea for the book was obviously high concept, but would the finished product meet the expectations? I plowed through the writing and prayed that it would.
Once I had a first draft of the book, my literary agent sent it to a film agent. He read it and he loved it too, and offered representation. The book has gone through several near buys and is now in the hands of a prominent producer. At this point, whether or not she ends up buying the film rights is inconsequential (although I’d love to see this book turned into a movie!). The most important thing to me was that the reader response to the book was exactly what I’d hoped for. People were drawn to the concept and the book delivered on the promise of that concept.
Thanks again for hosting me. I loved talking about my book and I hope you’ll love reading it as well!
- Maria Geraci

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