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How do you forgive someone who has done the unforgivable?

Not an easy question to answer, I discovered as I wrote BRAZEN TEMPTRESS, my new historical romance from Dell (rated a 4.5 in last months reviews).

Forgiveness is the furthest thing from the mind of my heroine Maureen Hawthorneshe is a woman bent on vengeance. And who can blame her? Her father was hunted down and murdered right before her eyes, and she has sworn to see the American privateer responsible, the daring and unstoppable Captain de Ryes, hang for his misdeeds.

So when the Lord Admiral of the British Royal Navy offers her just this chanceto unmask the nefarious de Ryes and bring him to justiceshe couldnt be more sure of the course she is about to chart.

If only revenge were that simple.

If youve read the other books in this series, Brazen Angel or Brazen Heiress, you know that nothing is ever simple or quite as it seems.

And for Maureen Hawthorne, her quest for revenge suddenly becomes quite complicated when she finds herself up against her own worst enemyher traitorous heart.

Not that I blame Maureen one bit for finding herself falling in love all over again with Captain de Ryes, the man known to the London ton as Julien dArtiers.

I've had a crush on Julien since he first appeared in Brazen Angel. I suspected even then that hed grow up to be a pirate and a hero, but never a murderer.

Now, just like Maureen, you'll have to decide if he is worth forgiving

If you would like an autographed bookmark of BRAZEN TEMPTRESS, please send an SASE to P.O. Box 47252, Seattle, WA 98146. I'll put all the names I receive by August 1st into a drawing and three lucky readers will
win t-shirts of this gorgeous cover.


Did you think I would forget you? Maureen whispered as she moved past Julien.

Well, yes, I assumed you had, he said, his voice taking that lazy drawl of his shed once found so spine tingling. But then again, I thought you were dead.

That would have been quite convenient for you, she told him. Even as she said it, she would have sworn de Ryes missed a step, but he covered it well.

When next they crossed paths in the course of the dance, it was his turn to whisper in her ear.

I never thought of your death as convenient, Reenie. Even when I thought you lost, I never stopped loving you.

Reenie. Her fathers nickname for her. She hadnt been called that sincewell, since forever.

Hearing it again almost drowned out the rest of his statement. I never stopped loving you.

In that moment she felt herself falling prey to the same wild rush that had raced through her the first time hed said those words to her. Oh, shed believed him then, believed him with all her heart. But hed never loved her. Never. Hed used her, her father, their ship, their crew, everything they valued to gain his own means. And then hed cast her away like rotting flotsam.

How dare he think his over-played charm would save his neck now!

Im not the same green girl you chiseled with your sweet words and lies, she told him. Im here to see you hang.

Hang? He shook his head at her. Now that would be inconvenient.

His grin flashed only for her, and it struck at her traitorous heart.

Damn, why did he have to still be so handsome? His hand cradled her elbow, as he led her through the set, the warmth of his fingers coiling into her flesh like the same treasonous tendrils creeping around her heart.

At least hell look well enough hanging from a rope, she told herself, suddenly finding she needed more reasons to see him dead.

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