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Lindsay McKenna

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Gabe Griffin, US Navy SEAL, here. It was a helluva thing, a woman coming unexpectedly into our team. Our platoon, stationed at FOB Bravo along the Af-Pak border, was shocked when Chief Hampton came into the briefing room with her. No one knew what to think. Her name is Navy Corpsman Baylee Ann Thorn. I was sitting on the rear bleacher, back against the wall, exhausted from our twelve hour op we’d just completed. 

The Chief explained that Doc, which is the name we gave to all our medics, is part of a top secret Pentagon experiment called Operation Shadow Warriors. There were forty women from all services, especially trained in a one-year combat emersion course and then farmed out to different black ops groups. The test was to see if they could handle combat or not. Or if they were a liability. I was intrigued.

There’s something about a medic you can tell a mile away. They all have that caring sense around them. Doc was tall, about five-ten, good medium bone and probably a hundred and sixty pounds. I figured if she was in combat and a SEAL went down, she’d have the physical strength to haul his sorry ass out of the line of fire and render him medical assistance. What intrigued me were her large, compassionate blue eyes, that soft mouth of hers along with that easy going manner. All medics had that sense about them that everything was going to be all right even if you were bleeding out and going to die in two and half minutes. You believed that medic, no matter what. Doc had that aura about her. I liked her. A little too much.

When Hampton introduced her and he urged her to talk, I noticed she had an almost southern drawl, but not quite. And when she told us she came from West Virginia Hill people, that made sense. A soothing voice, warm and filled with earnestness, mollified some of us. She said we could call her Doc or Bay, which ever we wanted. I immediately, in my mind, wanted to call her Bay. She reminded me of a graceful willow when she used her hands. Her smile was genuine. The sincerity and heart felt words couldn’t be ignored. I liked her curly light brown hair. She had captured it in a pony tail, the tendrils curving near her face, giving her an innocent look.  And it was that look that got half the platoon riled. They didn’t want ANY woman in their midst. She would get them killed. 

SEALs work together as an indestructible team. To have an intruder come into our midst, untrained in our methods, was a death knell. When Hammer, one of the more vocal SEALs got indignant, taking it out on Bay, who didn’t deserve his anger, I stepped in to protect her.

And that’s when all hell broke loose…

-Lindsay McKenna

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