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Carla Neggers

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Readers looking for a solid romantic suspense title know they can turn to Mira author Carla Neggers for just the right mix of thrills, heartache and, eventually, love. RT recently caught up with Neggers, who dished about her new release, this month's Breakwater.

RT: Must readers read your earlier books before Breakwater?
NEGGERS: No. All my books are "stand-alone" stories, even if they do involve recurring characters. Quinn Harlowe, an expert on international crime, and Huck McCabe, an undercover deputy U.S. marshal, make their first appearance in Breakwater. Some previous characters do show up: Juliet Longstreet, Ethan Brooker and, especially, Nate Winter.

RT: Do you enjoy using continuing character?
NEGGERS: I love having recurring characters. It's a challenge as a writer, but it's also a lot of fun.

RT: Can we expect more from Juliet and Ethan, your heroine and hero from Dark Sky ? [Both also appeared as secondary characters in Neggers' Night's Landing.]
NEGGERS: Juliet and Ethan make an appearance in Breakwater. A part of their story's unfinished. Stay tuned.

RT: How do you balance the threat with the romance in romantic

NEGGERS: That's the age-old question about romantic suspense, isn't it? Most of the time, I rely on my instincts and the original "spark" that got me writing a particular story in the first place. I don't think in terms of percentages -- "X" percent romance, "Y" percent suspense. That feels too disjointed and arbitrary to me. The romance and suspense are integrated, part of a whole. They're not parallel forces in the story.

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