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Guy Talk with Connie Brockway

I like guys. I think they're adorable. Now, by 'guys' I'm not just talking about any old male of a species, I'm talking about a mental attitude: a way of doing things and perceiving things. The guy is mainly adorable because he is so completely unaware that he is an object of female attention. In fact, he would consider being a lady's man, or anything like it, slimy in the extreme. He doesn't see a woman as a potential conquest because guys do not use women. In fact, they tend to put a woman on a pedestal—and of course the answer as to why they do this is because when a woman is on a pedestal you not only know where she is at all times, but you don't need to deal with her in any intimate way. If the truth be known, it's because though he is extremely manly, women flummox him. He readily admits this. He even has discussions about it with his closest friends.

"The hero of BRIDAL FAVORS, Justin Powell, is the quintessential guy. He has no map to guide him when the one woman—and for most guys there is only one woman, as they fall once, hard and forever—wanders all unawares into his affections.

"Of course when guys do fall in love, there's always a question of whether or not they'll actually do anything about it. Because for the first time in their lives, they've confronted something that isn't rational, biddable, bendable, debatable, negotiable or sensible—all areas in which guys excel. Therefore, their initial impulse is to ignore it. And her.

"But Evelyn Whyte, prickly insecure warm-hearted witty control freak that she is, refuses to be ignored. What could be more charming than
a manly sort of guy falling in love? A guy courting a woman so insecure she doesn't realize she's being courted. That's BRIDAL FAVORS in a nutshell. Oh yes, there are also spies, double agents, the social event of the season, a misogynistic butler and a matchmaking dressmaker, but that, excuse the pun, is just the icing on the wedding cake."

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