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Its been a whole year since McClairens Isle: The Ravishing One was out. I wish I could say that the reason theres been no book is because Ive been too busy making my familys lives run smoother, or at least a bit more nutritionally. The truth is, they are still living on pizza and Casserole What-Not (Whats Not in the Refrigerator Anymore?). My response to their pitiful pleas for more bread, please is generally, Dont you guys have friends with moms who cook? or, as the heroine of THE BRIDAL SEASON would say, Its a hard life, and those thats hungry best find out where those who aint hungry lives.

That heroine is Letty Potts, sometimes musicale comedienne, occasional con artist. Lettys a game lass with an eye to the main chance, a ready laugh and a sporting attitude. Sure, shes finagled a few folks in her day, but never those who couldnt afford it. Her bully-boy partner, however, has other ideas. When Letty refuses to go along with them, he decides to convince her by burning down her boarding house, leaving her with only
the clothes on her back and a titled ladys abandoned train ticket in her hand.

The minute she steps off the train, the naive residents of Little Bidewell mistake her for Lady Agatha WhyteWedding Coordinator and Post-Nuptial Celebration Facilitator Extraordinairewho has come to add much-needed panache to the wedding of Little Bidewells favorite daughter to a
marquis. No one suspects Letty is an imposter, excerpt for Sir Elliot March, the darkly handsome local war hero who also happens to be the country magistrate.

I had a wonderful time writing THE BRIDAL SEASON. Letty and Sir Elliot have been two of my favorite characters to write since Dizzy and Harry in As You Desire.

You can write me at P.O. Box 828, Hopkins, MN 55343. If you would like a mini-poster featuring Letty and Sir Elliot, please send me an SASE.

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