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Ever told a little white lie that kept growing? Thats the predicament of my heroine in A BRIDE FOR MCCAIN. Jessica Grimes returns home after 12 years in boarding school only to discover that her late father has willed her hand in marriage to his greedy business partner. She flees San Francisco by impersonating a schoolteacher whos been hired to teach in an isolated Colorado mining town.

But Jessicas lies catch up with her when she meets Ross McCain, the mine owner who is determined that the children in his town learn to read.

McCain pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket, flattened it on the table and pushed it toward her. He held the pen out to her. It needs your signature.

A few lies were one thing, but signing a contract was another matter. Jessica hesitated. I dont know

If youre unwilling to sign the contract, Miss Grimes, well part ways now.

A thousand miles from civilization, with only five dollars to her name, she didnt have many options.

The sound of gunfire wrenched Jessica from her thoughts. She stared out the window. The two cowboys whod fought over her earlier stood with the tips of their guns smoking.

Slim dropped to his knees, and then fell face down in the dirt. An old woman ran up to Slim, kicked him twice, and when he didnt move, took his gun and boots. Other people swarmed around, taking what they wanted, until he was left with only his long underwear.

Jessica reached across the table to take the pen from McCain. Their fingers touched, sending an unexpected jolt through her arm. Where do I sign?

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