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One thing I’ve learned over the years is that every romance novel has a mood and tone that can be greatly enhanced by the historical era in which the tale is set. I usually set my novels in Regency England — a time of elegance, propriety and regal splendor. For a holiday story, it has to be the Victorian era, as it has had such a profound and lasting effect on how we celebrate Christmas today. But with my latest book, I was ready for a new challenge and a different time period — medieval Scotland. A raw, gritty, dangerous time and place, filled with passion, nobility and rugged beauty.

This edgier time in history needed bold, larger than life characters, but as I pondered and plotted I found myself drawn to a different kind of hero. An accomplished medieval Highland warrior with a deeply romantic side. Yet I could not help but wonder — was he a believable character? An interesting character? A hero that a reader could fall in love with and embrace?

Sir Ewan Gilroy is the rejected illegitimate son of an earl who has been newly knighted and granted lands in the northern most Highlands as a reward for his years of service fighting beside King Robert the Bruce. He is proud and honored to finally have a home to call his own — even if it is in ruins. He quickly realizes he needs two things to bring peace and prosperity to his lands — a proper lady wife and a substantial amount of coin.

He sets out on a quest to find a bride and soon discovers he wants more than most other men in his position. He wants a woman who will be a partner, who will share his joys and burdens, who will advise him when needed. A woman he can honor and cherish. A woman he can love, who will return the feeling.

Miraculously, Ewan finds her. Recently widowed Lady Grace carries a strong measure of guilt over the part she played in her first husband’s death. She believes the best way to atone for her past is to retreat to a convent and live a quiet, contemplative life.  Those plans are challenged with Sir Ewan arrives and promptly asks for her hand in marriage.

Though sorely tempted, Grace refuses Ewan’s offer. Multiple times. Yet Ewan is not the sort of man who will accept failure when the stakes are so high, when the outcome is so important. Grace soon learns that Ewan possesses the power to make her want the things she has never had, and worst still, make her believe they are possible.   

Bit by bit, Ewan begins to wear down Grace’s defenses, but their budding love is threatened by treachery, danger and secrets from Grace’s past. And that’s when this romantic warrior must use all his fighting skills and cunning to battle for the survival of their love.

Happy Reading!

Adrienne Basso

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