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Stephanie Mittman's BRIDGE TO YESTERDAY

When I began writing, I knew that dialogue would be my favorite part. Finally I could put words into people's mouths and get paid for it. Little did I know that, just as in real life, my characters would balk at saying exactly what I wanted them to, and worse, would sometimes go off on tangents of their own.

In Bridge To Yesterday my first novel, Sloan Westin and Mary Grace O'Reilly pointedly refused to say what I told them to, and constantly surprised me with thoughts of their own. Like the way Sloan kept calling Mary Grace "Sweet Mary." Now, I never told him to do that. She already had a perfectly good name, one I'd given her.

And I told her, over and over, to level with Sloan. For heaven's sake, I told her, your life is in his hands. What would it hurt for him to know what you've been through? But no, she wouldn't tell him. I'd open her mouth. She'd yawn and go to sleep. I'd make Sloan ask her. She'd change the subject.

And when she finally did speak, he hadn't any notion what it was she was trying to tell him.

Enjoy this EXCERPT:

"Were you scared?" he asked. She nodded, her whole body shaking against him.

"Of me?"

A shrug was all the answer he got.

He swallowed hard. He'd been with so many women who gave themselves so easily that he just hadn't thought.

"You ain't never been with a man, have you, Sweet Mary? Is that it?" She shook her head. Did that mean she had? Or she hadn't?

"So then you ain't?"

She nodded. He still wasn't sure.

"You have?"

She nodded again, her shivering worse.

"You married and going against your vows?"

But she shook her head, thoroughly confusing him. "Then what?"

Tell him, Mary Grace. Tell him!

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