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The 7th installment in my HOUSE OF NIGHT series, BURNED, is the product of several research trips that were so wonderful and such an author's-dream-come-true that the book was an absolute pleasure to write. I knew at the end of book 6, TEMPTED, that I needed to take my hero, Stark, on what would roughly equate to a shamanic journey in order for it to be possible for him to reach my heroine, Zoey Redbird, in the Otherworld. As I have in several of my other books (The Partholon Series and my Nocturne book, The Avenger) I looked to my Celtic roots for inspiration. About the time I was starting the BURNED manuscript my UK publisher, Little, Brown, asked me to tour for them. Of course I happily agreed, but I said that I'd like to spend some extra time in Scotland researching for a possible setting for book 7 of the HoN. My fabulous publisher was so pleased that I was moving some of the HoN action to the UK that they offered to hire a historian and expert in Celtic myth/legend to be my guide (I told you! What a dream come true for an author!). It was an incredible experience. We began in Edinburgh. From there the Chieftain of Clan Wallace guided me up through the Highlands to such sites as Blair Castle, Culloden Field, and Clava Cairns. My imagination was absolutely sparked, and I returned three times during the writing of BURNED - once to spend a couple of weeks on the Isle of Skye, hiking around in the mist and magic and discovering ancient ruins and sacred glens. My wonderful Clan Chieftain also introduced me to several Clan men and women who opened their history and their hearts to me, and by tapping into their oral tradition, the shamanic aspects of BURNED almost wrote themselves. The mythology in the book and the House of Night world in general deepened, matured, and expanded - and what happened to several of the characters because of the magic of the Highlands surprised even me! Of course my biggest surprise was to find that my Chieftain guide and I had fallen in love, and since last summer we've been working on our own very unexpected H.E.A.! Hope you enjoy BURNED almost as much as I enjoyed writing it...


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