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Susan Andersen

Book Title: BURNING UP
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

I’m not the speediest writer in the world. Plots don’t explode full blown in my mind and I don’t see them unfurl like movies. I’m more the pedantic mull-it-over until my brain finally kick-starts, then put it together drop-by-every-stinking-drop-I-can-squeeze-outta-my-veins sort. So when the idea for Burning Up popped into my head nearly complete, it was a gift. 

The question that started it all was this: What if a small town girl who’d made it big in the music video industry came back to town to lend a hand to the relatives who’d provided her with the only stability she’d ever known? And what if doing so stirred up all those old rumors that’d had her shaking the dust of this burg from her heels the minute the ink had dried on her high school diploma? What if a certain segment of people kept going out of their way to assure her she was not welcome to attend an event she had no desire to go to in the first place?

And what if she wasn’t So Good At Being Bad as her reputation would have it as she was too stubborn to allow a small town make her hang her head in shame?

All of which led to the following:

ARSON (Ar’ sen) n. The willful rubbing of a bad girl (who isn’t) against a bad boy (who once was) to watch the resulting sparks burn down the town.

Sugarville’s new fire chief, Gabriel Donovan, enjoys living at Watson’s boardinghouse while he builds his own place—until MTV princess Macy O'James sashays back to town. Gabe likes life on an even keel and the last thing he needs is a woman with crazy clothes, crazier hair and a soft, pink smartass mouth anywhere near him. The woman is trouble and Gabe had his fill of that growing up. So why can’t he seem to stay away from her?

Macy doesn’t know what Gabe’s problem is. It’s not as if she goes looking for mayhem; can she help it if it dogs her heels every time she crosses the town limit? She’s only back because her family needs her help and she would do anything for them. But this is the town where she earned an undeserved reputation as a slut and a wrecker of dreams, turning her last year of high school into a living hell. So the instant things settle down she is so out of here. Meanwhile, she’s certainly not looking to start anything with Gabriel—no matter how hot the man is.

I had fun throwing together a guy who thinks he wants a quiet life with a woman who believes she’s anxious to get back to the bright lights of L.A., then mixing in an Irish rock star, a staid teacher with a sizzling fantasy life, a firebug, and the entitled “in” crowd from high school determined to keep Macy from attending the ten year reunion. 

- Susan Andersen

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