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Dakota Cassidy

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Burning Down The Spouse is the second installment in my series about ex-trophy wives who’ve been left penniless by their philandering, celebrity husbands. This series is about women in their late thirties and early forties who’ve devoted their entire lives (and youths) to loving, nurturing, and supporting the men they adored while they sat in the backseat of their marriages. Yet, in the end find them left with little more than the clothes they’re wearing.

Sounds like a total downer, right?

Nah. I promise. In fact, when I was asked to write about the inspiration for writing this series, I have to be truthful when I say, it came from a dash of my own personal divorce journey. A journey that absolutely had some tears, but also had plenty of laughs as I adjusted to what I once called Single-Landia. I wanted to portray the struggle for independence accurately, but I also wanted to do it with a humorous slant. Not to mention, I wanted to involve some of the hotter trends on television like celebrity chefs and rich choreographers.

So I did what I always do when I settle in to come up with a series concept. I played the “what if” game. Like “what if” I wrote about a heroine named Frankie Bennett who’s married to a television celebrity chef named Mitch in the Kitchen? And “what if” Mitch cheated on Frankie with another celebrity chef (Bamby’s Bakin’), and she found out about her husband’s affair on the first ever-live edition of his show? What if she flipped her proverbial nut and set said celebrity chef’s kitchen on fire…?

On live TV with a viewing audience numbered in the millions watching!

Then, what if poor, humiliated Frankie had to slink back to her aunt’s senior citizens village because she’s broke and has nothing left but a Nissan Versa to call her own? What if the only job she could nab was one as a prep chef in a diner in Jersey working for a hot Greek hunk named Nikos?

Thus, an idea was born, and out of that came a group of adorable, if not outspoken senior citizens who love nothing more than to play matchmaker and give advice, a super-hot cougar named Jasmine, Frankie’s supportive fellow ex-trophy wife, and an entire family of nosy but loveable Greeks

Frankie’s journey to empowerment, her quest for self-sufficiency was in many ways like mine. I was a housewife for twenty-some years until I wasn’t anymore. When you find yourself defined only by your children and your husband, and you have no current job skills to call your own—some soul searching’s in order.

So is filling out applications at the local 7-Eleven. But that’s another story altogether.

First the voyage is about just finding the will to get out of bed each day when your life (oh, and your bank balance) has so drastically changed, followed swiftly by the kind of anger one discovers when they realize how much of themselves they’ve lost in their ex-partners.

From that point on, it’s what I like to call the “Suck it up, Princess” stage where you realize only you can hike up your big girl panties and make the best of what you’ve got.

The inspiration for this book is about the will to survive and make your life yours on your own terms, and if I did it—trust me, anyone can.

But the biggest inspiration of all for writing Burning Down The Spouse?

Finding love the second time around—the kind of love that still allows you to be you and all that entails. The kind of love that allows you to breathe and rather than takes, instead, enhances every aspect of your life.

And that was the true inspiration behind Burning Down The Spouse!

- Dakota Cassidy

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