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Kasey Michaels on the Power of Humor

RT Career Achievement Award winner Kasey Michaels, who wrote this month's Regency–set romp The Butler Did It (Mira), likes happy endings. "I don't deal with unhappy endings," she says. "There's enough of that in real life."

The author of over 85 books, most of them set in the Regency period, speaks from experience. She had just completed her first book when her oldest son fell ill. During the months that he was in the hospital, after his kidneys failed, Michaels noticed that the nurses who cared for the children and the mothers who sat with them often toted romance novels. Michaels began sharing her cache of novels with the other moms.

"We were living in a world too real in that hospital," Michaels says, adding that the hope and happy endings of the novels helped the moms to cope. Michaels wrote her second book, The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane, during her son's long convalescence.

Of course The Butler Did It has a happy ending, once the matter of the Marquis of Westham's unwanted houseguests has been settled. And Michaels' son's story ends well too. Now grown, he's founded a yearly golf tournament to benefit the Gift of Life Donor Program of Philadelphia.

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