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Joan Johnston

Book Title: CAPTIVE
Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Captive is my first historical romance in a Regency setting, and while I can describe getting drunk a dozen different ways in Western slang, I had to look up how a Regency buck would phrase that condition (foxed). It should have been work. Instead, it was a challenge and a delight.

I hope my western readers will give captive a try. The Code of Manners in Regency England demands every bit as much from a hero as the Code of the West. You'll find the very strong American heroine-a misfit in breeches who butts heads (and hearts) with an English earl-as heartwarming and funny as any Western heroine I've ever written. And the English earl-lordy, mercy, is he h-o-t!

Here's a short excerpt that takes place when 17-year-old Lady Charlotte Edgerton confronts Lionel Morgan, the Earl of Denbigh, in the attic, where he has gone to be alone.

She swallowed hard. "Lion, this is wrong."

His lip curled. "I have been telling myself that ever since you walked through that door. I have been saying to myself, 'Lion, you are the chit's guardian. It's your duty to protect her from importuning gentlemen.' Do you know what I have been answering myself?" he asked.

She shook her head slowly.

"'Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as her eyes? Or as charming as her freckles? Or as willful as her chin? Have you ever wanted anything in your life more than you want to kiss her lips right now, this instant?' Do you know what I answered myself, Charlie?"


"Exactly right," he said with a gentle, teasing smile. "I said, 'No, Lion, you have never wanted anything, or anyone, more than you want her right now.'"

"Lion, we can't-you can't-we mustn't-"

He cut her off by capturing her mouth with his, by devouring her with his lips and teeth and tongue.

There was no telling where things would have ended, if the dormouse had not run over her foot.

My first long-awaited mainstream contemporary novel, I promise (Avon, June), reunites an estranged small-town Texas couple whose one chance at happiness lies in solving the twenty-year-old murder that drove them apart.

In addition, Silhouette will release The Temporary Groom, a continuation of my #1 best-selling Hawk's Way series, as a June Desire. The Temporary Groom will include a family tree for readers who would like to follow the progress of books-its nine so far!-that tells the story of the Whitelaws of Texas.

I love to hear from readers! Write to me at: P.O. Box 8531, Pembroke Pines, FL 33084. Enclose an SASE for a reply.

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