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Whenever an American sea captain and an out-of-place debutante meet up in a London ballroom, readers can expect rousing historical romance. When that romance is Captive of My Desires, they get something even better -- the latest installment in Johanna Lindsey's much-loved Malory series.

Captive, a book Lindsey says her "fans have been clamoring for," follows Drew Anderson, one of the younger brothers of Georgina Malory, and Gabrielle Brooks, a young woman returning to England to find a husband after several years in the Caribbean with her father. "Drew is quite happy with his life," Lindsey remarks about her hero, "and why wouldn't he be? In every port he sails into, he has a woman waiting for him with open arms." Gabrielle, meanwhile, is less well situated. Her family can't afford to give her the grand London season her aristocratic mother always wanted for her. "Her father, without the social connections to launch her in style, calls in a favor from his old friend James Malory to sponsor Gabrielle for the season."

Soon, the mismatched pair are verbally dueling and sparring across London. They eventually reach a sort of understanding with one another, which, unfortunately, is short lived. "Along comes a new wrinkle that sends them back to the Caribbean, with Drew ending up in chains [and] his ship taken over by pirates," Lindsey reveals. "Just who leads that band of buccaneers will shock readers accustomed to well-behaved historical heroines.

While Captive of My Desires is being touted as a Malory series book, Lindsey explains, "The Malorys aren't prominent
in this book." But readers of a like mind with Lindsey won't be disappointed. One Malory is more than enough, she asserts: "James is my favorite Malory and always fun to deal with."

Given that Lindsey has written seven previous books in the Malory series and dozens of other titles, one could be forgiven for thinking she might struggle to find new sources of excitement and inspiration in her historicals. But she swears that the subject matter of Captive of My Desires was, well, captivating. "Gabrielle's circumstances are rather unique considering her parentage," she says. "Dealing with pirates again was fun, and with treasure hunting!"

Though Lindsey is best known for her swashbuckling historical romances, she has also stepped outside the subgenre from time to time. "I've written a fantasy -- Until Forever -- and my three-book futuristic/comedic/romance series that
began with Warrior's Woman. I also still plan to write a time travel one of these days." When asked why she's taken these periodic breaks from the 19th century, Lindsey explains, "Because it's different, and I need different every so often" -- to stay fresh and at the top of her game. "But I think I'll always prefer the romance of history and days gone by."

Although romance authors come and go, with many fading away almost as soon as they first enter the scene, Lindsey is still a powerful force in the world of romance, capable of selling huge numbers of books nearly 30 years after the publication of her first novel, 1977's Captive Bride. "I've been fortunate in my career," she concedes, having "great editors [and] a wonderful agent." But even more than her career support, she credits her tremendous success to "creating stories and characters that I would enjoy reading myself. When I can reread one of my books several years later and still laugh, cry or get emotionally involved, then I did it right." -- Colleen Cusick

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