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Every teen-age girl at some point or other crushes on a boy, whether it’s the hottest new rock sensation, the school’s star athlete or the cute boy next door. Crushes are never forgotten, not the passion, intensity or the heartbreak. Most women can look back on their “crush” with fondness and a smile. Just think of all the Justin Bieber fans today. And going back, think about Elvis and Paul McCartney and David Cassidy. Girls love to fantasize, but the emotions behind the fantasy are real and whether the crush is for a celebrity or someone they know personally, the feelings are intense and powerful.  

My inspiration for Carrying the Rancher’s Heir stemmed from my vast knowledge of teen-age crushes. Yes, I too, had the hots for a rock star. I too, fell madly in love with our high school quarterback and fortunately for me, I finally did marry the cute boy next door! Well, technically he lived around the corner. So when I thought about crushes, I had flashes in my mind of those old feelings and longings and the story began percolating. 

Beautiful crimson mountains in the background modeled after one of my favorite places, picturesque Sedona, Arizona, lent a hand in adding the tone and allure I wanted for this story. Taggart Worth’s loner personality and Callie Sullivan’s defiance of her father’s rigid rules stirred up the passion and added to the drama and emotion. Then the “what ifs” started flowing.  

What if, my heroine, Callie Sullivan once had a major high school crush on her neighbor, hunky cowboy, Taggart Worth? What if, their families had a bitter rivalry that spanned decades and what if, as a young girl, Callie was forbidden to go near Tagg or any of the Worth men?  

Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.  

These “what ifs” came together neatly when Callie returned to her hometown of Red Ridge, Arizona to care for her aging, cantankerous father. A chance meeting with Tagg, away from the feuding families, presented Callie with the opportunity to finally connect with her “fantasy” man, to go for broke, to be more daring than she’d ever been in her life. The next “what if” brought the tale full circle. What if both families had secrets and those secrets threatened to tear Callie and Tagg’s fragile relationship apart?  

“Tagg owned Callie’s teen-age dreams” and isn’t it fun to watch as one girl’s teen-aged crush come to fruition, even as forbidden forces try to keep them apart? 

- Charlene Sands

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