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Cat in a Golden Garland

To celebrate his eighth mystery novel, feline sleuth Midnight Louie encounters his first adventure outside his usual detecting turf of glitzy Las Vegas.

This time out, in CAT IN A GOLDEN GARLAND, Midnight Louie, the street-smart black tomcat with a nose for the notorious, has a Christmas mystery to solve: not who's been kissing Santa Claus, but who's been killing the jolly old elf. Louie must track his human prey on foreign turf for the holidays-New York City, where he and his charming two-legged, red-haired roommate, publicist Temple Barr, are visiting the Madison Avenue advertising agency that may make Louie a media star.

When the agency's head honcho forgoes his traditional Santa suit for a company party and hires an actor instead, someone puts the substitute in permanent deep freeze. Even worse, the victim is a professional friend of Temple's Manhattan hostess, her romance-writer aunt, Kit Carlson, also known as Sulah Savage.

Louie has his paws full with private matters as well as murder most merry: feline rival Maurice is still trying to turn him into kitty litter, and his ladylove, the Divine Yvette, has been unfairly sacked as a spokescat for violating a morals clause in her contract!

Back in sunny Las Vegas, handsome hotline counselor (and Temple's love interest) Matt Devine is ending a personal manhunt that may cost him everything he values, while her ex-lover, the magician known as the Mystifying Max, is not about to let the holidays pass without making a surprise entrance with a breathtaking proposal.

Can one lone cat nail the perpetrator, play Cupid and make everyone's Christmas bright? If the name is Midnight Louie, miracles just might happen on Madison Avenue.

CAT IN A GOLDEN GARLAND is the first Midnight Louie mystery to garner a Gold Medal rating from RT. That and a recent RT Career Achievement Award in Contemporary Suspense are making Christmas very bright for Louie and his cohorts, including his human co-author.

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