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Caroline Trent, the heroine of To Catch An Heiress, my latest release from Avon Books, doesnt keep a traditional diary. Rather, Caroline records new vocabulary words and uses them in contextwith often hilarious resultsin her own personal dictionary. Each chapter of TO CATCH AN HEIRESS begins with a passage from Carolines dictionary. To give you a taste, here are a few selections from Caroline Trents personal dictionary:

Aristology, noun. The art or science of dining. i.e.: As a field of research and study, aristology is highly underrated.

Sororicide, noun. The action of killing ones sister. i.e.: I feared sororicide. I truly did.

Palliative, noun. That which gives superficial or temporary relief. i.e.: A kiss, I am learning, is a weak palliative when ones heart is breaking.

You might be able to deduce that at some point in the book, the servants revolt and refuse to feed anyone. Or you might guess that Blake Ravenscroft, the hero, gets really mad at his sister. Finally, you might worry that hes going to break Carolines heartbut dont worry too much! This is a romance, after all, and I guarantee a happy ending.

When Caroline Trent runs away from her greedy guardian, the last thing she expects is to be mistaken for a Napoleonic spy

Excerpt from To Catch an Heiress:

Ive been after you for nearly a year, he said sharply.

That got her attention. You have?

Not that I knew who you were until last month. But now that Ive got you, Im not letting you go.

Youre not?

Blake stared at her in irritated confusion. What was her game? Do you think Im an idiot? he spat out.

No, she said. Ive just escaped from a den of idiots, so Im well familiar with the breed, and youre something else entirely. I am, however, hoping youre not a terribly good shot.

I never miss.

She sighed. Yes, I feared as much. You look the sort. I say, do you mind if I get back up?

He moved the gun a fraction of an inch, just enough to remind her that he was aiming at her heart. Actually, I prefer your position on the ground.

I had a feeling you would, she muttered. I dont suppose youre going to let me go on my way.

His answer was a bark of laughter. Im afraid not, my dear. Your spying days are over.

My spyingmy what??

My other big news is the grand opening of my new website on May 15, 1998. My sister and I have been working on for months, and youre going to love the results. Youll find sneak peeks of upcoming books, monthly editions of JQ recommends, contests and bulletin boards! And the first 25 people to sign my guest book will receive a special prize.

Julia Quinn sends out an e-mail newsletter prior to each new release. If youd like to receive a copy, drop her a line If you prefer to correspond via regular mail, you can reach her at P.O. Box 460385, Denver, CO 80246. SASEs are appreciated.

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